Leden 2014

Edge of England

24. ledna 2014 v 21:27 | Katie Lee Richards |  Krvavé poviedky
The night was little bit cold and windy, but there was no rain what was considered good English weather, although it was changing so quickly at the coast.
I didn´t mind, rain, storm, snow… Bring it on, nothing could stop me now! I saw the lights in the distance and I knew it was small hotel which was my final destination. That was the place I was looking for so many years. Well, not the hotel, person that was living there he was the key. He was the important point. He was the one who could change my life forever.
I smiled and turned around to have a look at the horizon. There was sea and nothing else. I stood at the high cliff watching the water underneath. It was restless and wild like my soul. Wind was giving strength to waves and they were trying to destroy the coast. I looked back to the hotel at the edge of the cliffs.
It was only wide field and few sheep that stood between me and my target now.
It is time for me to finish this journey. It is time for me to start new life. I took a deep breath and made a first step. Grass and bushes around were whispering in the wind while I was walking to the building, following tiny footpath. It took about 5 minutes to get to the wooden gate, which separated hotel property from the field, but I enjoyed it as nothing else in the world. It was the last mile to the finish.
I went through the gate and small stones squealed under my every step. Through the window I saw few people in the restaurant. Old folks having quiet dinner. It was such a peaceful place to be with no civilization around what so ever and that made it perfect place to hide.
I opened the door and walked in. Short bar was opposite the door and there was only one seat. Few tables were around the restaurant with the lovely window views and big round table at the main window. Family were eating their desserts there and their dog was sleeping under the table.
"Good evening. You look thirsty!"
I looked back to bar where the voice was coming from. There was tall man with dark hair standing behind the bar with his uniform on, light blue shirt and black trousers. He was good looking man I had to admit.
I walked to the bar and sat on the stool. "Good evening."
"What can I get you?" he smiled at me politely.
"Morgan with coke for now maybe something else later."
He was little bit surprised by my answer but he just smiled and made a drink.
"What brings you here?"
"I am looking for somebody."
"There is nobody here I am afraid. This is the end of the Europe. This is the very edge of England."
"I know." I was slowly drinking cold rum with coke. "This is amazing! What did you put in it?"
"It's a secret!" he winked at me.
I smiled. "I have a secret too. If you tell me yours I will tell you mine." Little flirt never killed nobody.
"Ok…. It is a dash of lime that makes it taste so fresh and nice!" he whispered and leant closer to me. For a minute we looked at each other. I noticed some wrinkles and some grey hair.
"I am Kathrine."
"Paul. Tell me your secret now."
"I am looking for you."
Paul stared at me like I was some kind of miracle that he was not able to understand.
"Thank you, good night Paul!" family was leaving and they were passing around us.
"I will see you tomorrow. Bye!" he was so professional at once. His body language and attitude changed so quickly as tv program.
Family left. It was just old couple drinking the wine at one table, Paul and me.
I looked at him.
He poured pint of bitter for himself.
"I don't understand. Why are you looking for me?"
"You got something I want!" I took sip from my drink.
"What exactly is it?"
I smiled. "I think you know."
"What if I don't?"
"Oh, Paul. Don't play with me!" I leant to him. "I am not stupid! I know you got it. I know everything about you! You are the youngest Carter! I was looking for you everywhere. I went to see your family in Hangleton. They were not very eager to help me. I had to use some … powers to persuade them. But they told me where you are, in the end."
"What have you done to my family?"
"Oh, they are ok, now! No worries!" I sat back. "So where is it?"
"I am not telling you!!!"
"Right…. I was afraid that you will say that." I remained calm. "I can just kill you, search this place and take it." I was whispering so old couple in the corner of the restaurant would not hear me.
"Do you think I am stupid!? It is not here. I hid it." He took a drink from bitter and I saw in his eyes that he thinks he won.
"Fine. Let´s trade then. There must be something you want."
"I want to be like you." He put his glass down next to mine.
I looked in his eyes.
"No. If I do it, you will take the ring and keep it for yourself."
He went around the bar and stood close to me. He was winning now. He had me.
"You were looking for one ring, but you don't know that there are two rings. So you will turn me, and teach me and I will give you the ring, and keep one for myself." His face was so close to mine as he whispered.
This was not what I wanted. I didn´t planed this. I was able to do everything to get Judas´ ring, but not this. Having a padawan, student a child that was never my intention.
"I let you think about it for a while." He went to the old couple to give them bill and take the payment.
I looked at myself in the mirror at the back of the bar. My face was so cold expressing no feelings. My eyes were so empty. The picture I saw in mirror was beautiful. I saw pretty women with bright red hair and perfect face.
"So?" he was back and old couple was gone.
I looked at his face.
"You have no idea what you asking for."
"Maybe not."
I finished the rest of my drink. "Is there a private place?"
Paul smiled. He won.
"I live across the parking lot. Let me close this place and wait for me outside."
"Do you have any cigarettes?"
Paul handed me packet and lighter and I went outside. Night was still cold and windy, but there were no clouds. Starts were bright and half-moon was taunting me.
I was breathing in hot smoke and looking at the stars and I was surprised by my own decision.
"This way!" Paul locked the restaurant door and led the way.
We walked across the parking lot and around the small hill where was little building. I stepped on the last piece of cigarette.
"This is staff accommodation." He opened the door and let me enter first.
There was mess everywhere, lot of empty glasses and bottles. Some dirty old plates and forks and knives. There were just two rooms, the one we walked in full of mess and bedroom with tv and xbox. Last door led to bathroom.
"Do you have a cat?"
"Yes. How do you know?"
I smiled. "I can smell her. She is not here now."
"She is probably hunting." He turned music on.
I sat on the bed and I looked at him. He looked cool, but I was able to sense that he is nervous.
"So…what is going to happen, Kathrine?"
"I am going to kill you."
He was quiet.
"Do you have something to drink?"
"I have Jack."
He went to the first room and brought square bottle with black and white label.
He poured two glasses and gave me one.
He drank it all and he sat on the bed next to me.
"Where are the rings Paul?"
"You will get them when I turn."
"That is not good idea. You will forget everything that happened to you. You will forget your family, your previous life… and you will forget about rings too."
He was thinking for a while. "Ok… but how can I be sure that you will turn me?"
"I am giving you my word."
"That is not enough!"
I drew out my fangs.
"That is enough! Now do it!"
He stood up and sat on the floor. He put his hand under the bed and took little metal box out.
"Seriously?" I lifted my eyebrows. "Is this the super-secret hiding place?"
Paul smiled. "I was bluffing!" He opened the can. There were little bag full of weed and two simple black wedding-like rings same size.
"Are you kidding me?"
He took the rings out and held them in his hand. I stared at them. They were beautiful. Simple and so powerful. Amazing little things.
I stretched my hand but Paul closed his palm.
"Turn me first." He said.
I killed him with my eyes then I lifted my palm and bit it with fangs. Blood started to run down my skin. I turned my palm to Paul.
He wanted to say something.
"Don't ask, drink!"
He took my palm in his hand. His lips touched my cold skin and he drank my blood with closed eyes.
I felt power leaving me with every drop of blood he took.
"That is enough, Paul."
He stopped and let my hand go. The wound would normally heal in few seconds, but not now, I was weaker.
Paul wiped his mouth with his sleeve.
"That was the easy part." I sighted.
"Easy for you…"
I laughed. "You have no idea what will happen to you."
He was nervous. I sensed his emotions now he had my blood in his system. I was able to feel him and I knew that it will get stronger once he is changed.
"How long…" he started.
I didn´t give him chance to finish it. I grabbed him and I bit his neck. His blood was worm but not very sweet. I drank and drank and drank until he stopped fighting me. I heard his heart slowing down. I let him be when his heart was really weak.
Paul lied on the bed. There was blood around the duvet and pillows. Paul´s breath was shallow. I sat on the floor and watched him. He closed his eyes and in few second his heart stopped.
In that very moment the cat jumped through the opened window. She left dead mouse on the floor and jumped up on the bed. She sat on Paul´s chest and watched him for a while, then looked at me with curious eyes.
"Don't look at me like that. He will be back!" I stood up and went to get a shower. When I get back cat was still sitting next to Paul and she was licking her paw. Mouse was gone.
Time went slow. I watched Paul while he was transforming. I was not able to see any difference but I knew that he is going through a lot of pain which will erase his memory and everything human that was in his life.
I finished bottle of Jack and I was playing with cat while waiting. I went around his place searched his things if I can find something important. I was nervous. The sun started to rise.
There was strange feeling growing inside of me. It was in my mind and in my soul. I knew it has something to do with Paul´s transformation. I sat down to calm myself.
Then it happened. I sensed it before it happened. I looked up to Paul´s dead body. The cat jumped back on the bed and meowed.
I stood up and watched him carefully.
He breathed in. Opened his eyes and sat up.
He looked at me and his expression was baby-like. His mind was empty and his emotions were mixed.
"Kathrine?" he blinked.
He raised his hand and opened his palm. There were two rings.
I took them from him. They were lying on my palm. It would be so easy to send him out in to the sun light. He would burn like a match, never knowing what happened.
I looked back at him ready to tell him to go outside. He was discovering his hands. Like a new born. His senses were so high. He looked at me again.
"Put in on!" I handed him one of the rings.
"Why?" he did not understand anything.
"Don´t bother me with stupid questions and do what I say!"
He took the ring and put in on the finger. The one I had was too big for my fingers, I tried it anyway and it automatically changed it size so it fit.
"That is amazing!" he was impressed.
"Now," I looked at him. "We need to leave."
"Where are we?"
"It is not important. Let´s go!" I wanted to leave but another meow stopped me.
I stopped Paul and turned around. The cat was sitting on the bed watching us with playful eyes.
"Take the cat."
"Do it!"
He took the cat in his arms. We went to the door. I opened it. There was bright sunshine out there.
I was so scared. I haven't seen sunlight for so long! I was scared that I will burn. I was scared of pain.
I stepped on the side. Not sure if the ring is going to work.
"What is it Katharine?"
I looked at him. "It´s ok. You go first!"
He didn´t know about the danger. He went through the door with cat in his arms and eyes closed because of the sun.
"Katharine?" I heard his voice from outside. "Where are we going?"
I took a deep breath and I went through the door.
Sun was not worm at all. Air was still cold and wind was blowing. My hair was around my face at once.
I looked at Paul with smile.