Červenec 2012

Old Australian House

10. července 2012 v 0:25 | Katie Lee Richards |  Krvavé poviedky
Moja prvá poviedka v anglickom jazyku, chcela som to proste vyskúšať. Takže oprášte angličtinu a čítajte! :)

Rick was standing in the quiet room. There was a huge dirty window in front of him and opened gate behind his back. Air was dry and full of dust. It was warm. He unzipped his jacket. He felt nothing. He was empty inside. He has only one thing in his mind - revenge.
That is why he came to this old, destroyed, Australian house.
He waited. Time went so slowly. Finally, when the moon reached top of the dirty window he heard steps from outside.
He turned slowly.
There she was, perfectly pretty. Her ginger hair shiny as always. Her figure was breathtaking.
"I expected you Rick." She whispered and smiled.
"Hallo Edda."
She breathed in and slowly entered the lobby. Dust covering the floor made her steps noiseless. Her moves reminded the moves of cat. So elegant and so beautiful. He loved to watch her. He loved to just sit in the shadows and watched the way she walked, the way she talked...
He loved her. He admitted it long time ago. But now everything was irrelevant. Only thing that mattered was revenge.
"You came to kill me." She was calm, watching him with green eyes.
"You must knew I will come, since the day you left me in that old army house with just a ring!"
"I did." she agreed. "It is good to see you again. You look…" she scanned his tattooed body with those catlike eyes, "…terrible. When did you fed for last time?"
"I had a dog two days ago."
Her face showed digestion. "A dog?!"
"You don´t feed on people?"
"People who are living in this village are my family! I am not going to hurt them!"
She laughed at him. And it was like music for his ears. Thoughts, anger, everything was gone for a while she laughed.
"You poor thing! They are not your family! I am! I am your mother! I made you!"
"You killed me!" he replied.
She laughed again. "Yes, I killed you, and I gave you new life. New identity… I gave you eternity, youth and beauty…"
"I want none of that."
"So tell me, Rick. What do you want?" Her voice was like balm. Rick got feeling that whatever he ask for she will be able to give to him.
"I want you dead." That was his simple answer.
"Do you know that my death will not give you back your humanity?"
"I do. I still want you dead."
She laughed again. "Technically… I am dead." She winked at him with the smile on her lips. She sat down in the broken armchair in the corner of the lobby.
Rick looked at the dirty window, but moon was gone.
"So… Are you going to try to kill me? Or will we sit here for ages?"
He looked back at her.
They started at once! She started up from her armchair. He ran strait to her. Edda grabbed his arm, moved to left. Rick ended up on the floor, sliding like on ice. His body left mark in the dust. He jumped to his feet at once and turned to face her.
She watched him with amusement.
"Darling, you are just not strong enough!" she pronounced carefully like to a child.
"You are wrong!"
Rick made just two steps and he was right next to her. Grabbed her fire hair and pulled down. She suffered quietly. The pain was so bad, that she fallowed his hand trying to minimalise it. Edda reached his hand and tried to free her hair from his grasp. Unsucesfully.
Rick felt the power growing inside his chest.. He knew he won. He dragged her to the armchair, broke it with free hand, took a wooden peg and pointed it to her heart.
Green eyes full of tears. "Don´t do it Rick." She pleased him still trying to free her hair.
"I have to. I can´t live like this."
"Of course you can´t. Let me show you what our life is about. Let me show you the beauty of eternity. We can be anything we want!"
"Empty words! Your mouth is full of them!"
"No…" tears run down her cheeks. "Why do you thing I changed you? I love you Rick. I want to be with you, forever."
Rick blinked. He took a deep breath. "I don´t believe you!"
"I´m saying the truth."
His grasp went week. There was surprise in his eyes. She leaned to him, touched his face softly with shaking fingers. She looked in his dark eyes and her face was closer to his. Her lips tenderly touched his. The kiss grew stronger and bolder. Rick let her hair go and softly hugged her around the neck.
During the kiss she reached out for a wooden peg, which was lying on the floor. She ended the kiss and looked tenderly in Rick´s eyes.
"I will love you forever," he whispered with the smile.
"Forever is not real." She replied and put the peg right through his heart. Smell of blood filled the dark lobby. Warm blood ran down her hands. Rick´s body shacked on the floor as she stood up and watched him. Cold as ice, her heart was like stone.
She took plain dark ring from his finger and she left this old Australian house at last.